The Benefits of Live Video Streaming for In-Person Market Research

Rafael Roxas
Jun 29, 2021

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In 2020, the global video streaming market was estimated to be worth USD 50.11 billion. From 2021 to 2028, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.0 percent. The market is expected to expand even further as blockchain technology and artificial intelligence - now being used by streaming providers to improve video quality - continue to advance. If you’re on the fence about whether to introduce live streaming into your in-person and in-facility research, here are a few benefits that may change your mind.

  1. 1.Encourages Client Attendance And Participation

In-person and in-facility research, especially when targeted to global markets, can cost your clients a lot of money in terms of travel and accommodation. While this cost is inherently necessary for a successful project, it is often difficult to justify to clients the need to fly out to observe the interviews or focus groups as they take place. You’re bound to get a few clients who will refuse the offer to observe and instead rely on your expertise as a researcher to get the results that they need. However, with the unpredictability of live interviews, these clients may end up missing out on insights that they wouldn’t have missed if they had been there to observe and supervise.

Introducing live video streaming into your market research facilitation gives your clients the capacity to remotely observe the live interviews and focus groups as your moderator facilitates them with less upfront commitment and cost. In fact, according to Blomquist, “up to 30 percent of people who attended a live-streamed event have gone to the physical event the following year.” By showing your clients what their presence has to offer and how it correlates to the success of their live interviews and focus groups in a convenient way, you’re more likely to convince them to shell out more investment and actively participate in future projects.


  1. 2. Caters To The Unique Needs of Global Clients

If your clients are a part of a global company, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll send everyone who is a part of that project to attend the live interview and focus group. Some may be unable to due to scheduling conflicts while others may not be able to due to company budget. Live video streaming with remote observation gives your client’s team members the ability to participate with less demand on their schedules and the company budget. It also has the added advantage of keeping everyone up to date, either through actual viewing of the live interview or focus group or through playing a recording that could be sent afterward.

  1. 3. Live Video Streaming Gives Avenues for Both Remote Observation and Moderation

Clients are not the only ones who benefit from a live video streaming setup. Focus group moderators can take advantage of the technology to conveniently facilitate in-person or in-facility interviews remotely as well. This can bring unique opportunities to your client’s projects where they can request for moderators from around the globe to conduct their live interviews and focus groups in the in-facility location of their choice.

If they liked a specific moderator who conducted a project for them a few years ago in Birmingham, they are free to request you to contact that moderator to help them with their live interviews in Australia. If they’re wanting to conduct research in a non-English speaking country like Turkey but would rather hire a bilingual moderator closer to their location in Pennsylvania, remote moderation through live video streaming can help make that project happen easily.

Live video streaming for in-person market research brings along vast opportunities that correlate with the industry's expected growth. CCam focus is the premier plug-and-play recording and streaming solution that delivers uncompromised video and audio quality to in-person interviews and can be easily made available in the international research facility of your choice. Our unique hybrid capabilities enable in-person research led by a moderator facilitating remotely. Observers can experience superior in-person interviews and focus groups as though they were in the same room. As a result, there are no bad seats in the house.


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