Why Choose CCam® focus For Your In-Facility Research?


CCam® focus is a state-of-the-art HD 360° recording and streaming solution with active viewer and integrated video insights tools to simplify your in-person qualitative research. Use CCam in your focus group facility, office conference room, a hotel setting, or for in-home ethnography. Put the respondent at the center of your research with CCam’s full-face video capability ideal for storytelling; improve stakeholder engagement with high quality audio and video; and increase speed to market with faster delivery of reports through our integrated video curation tools.


We specialize in providing a 360° dynamic view that clearly captures the flow of conversation, nonverbal cues, and any reaction to stimuli during the session. You also have the benefit of simultaneous panoramic and active speaker views and a unique hybrid capability that enables you to view in-facility respondents and remote respondents on the same screen. Along with Civicom’s full support and service, you don’t have to worry about installation headaches and post-session deliverables. Having a unified solution for streaming, curation, storage, and sharing keeps your attention on the research instead of the logistics.


We harnessed the latest audio and visual technology so you can experience superior and immersive interview sessions as though you were there in person. Access and manage your CCam focus in-person recordings using advanced collaboration and curation tools to organize, analyze, and share your videos securely. CCam focus is powered by Civicom and provides you with the flexibility to almost instantaneously switch an in-facility project to a web-based project, or to moderate remotely, no matter what unplanned circumstances are faced by an in-facility project.


Civicom Marketing Research Services is the global leader in telephone and web-enabled in-depth interviews for market researchers. We facilitate research studies all over the world 24/7/365 for our valued clients. Our extensive network, combined with CCam focus technology, enables you to live stream to and from almost anywhere in the world where there is internet. With technical expertise, creative thinking, 24/7 client service, and the dedicated support Civicom is known for, we can confidently say that if you can imagine the project, we can make it happen – anywhere.

Who Uses CCam® focus?

Market Researchers

As a market researcher, you benefit significantly from our plug-and-play 360° that works just as well in a home or hotel setting as it does in a focus group facility. You have a fully integrated solution for recording, streaming, analyzing, and organizing vast quantities of multimedia data, as well as a dedicated CCam® focus tech and support team to support every detail of your project round the clock.

Focus Group Facilities

We help you provide your clients high definition 360° video capture and an immersive perspective when streaming focus groups and interviews to remote locations. Enable them to feel like they’re sitting right at your facility’s conference table. Between our premier technology and start-to-finish customer support, your clients will thank you for giving them the best option on the market.

Corporate Research Departments Corporations & Organizations

You want a reliable, consistent and proven solution. Our advanced 360° recording and streaming solution will capture every detail of your research sessions and provide the recordings to your research team within minutes. Get the same level of dedicated support and attention to detail regardless if you’re working from a single location or multiple locations globally. You can rely on our global expertise and international security standards. We are fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

What Makes CCam® focus Stand Out From Other In-Person Streaming Solutions?

Panoramic and Full Face Video

Our omnidirectional camera gives you an HD 360° field view of the entire room. Your clients will be able to see every angle of your focus group session. At any given time, the observer can easily check out those who are not actively participating. Remote observers also get an up-close and personal view that focuses on the three most recent active speakers, similar to individual webcams but in a focus group setting.

Crystal Clear Audio

The camera has omnidirectional microphones that capture crystal clear audio quality from everyone, even when people are wearing masks or seated behind plexiglass, making it perfect for re-entering facilities while observing social distancing. The high audio quality also helps deliver cleaner transcripts. Never miss a single spoken word again.

Moderate From Anywhere

Our unique hybrid approach lets you combine in-person participants with remote moderators in the same live interview or focus group. You can use CCam in any facility or any other location of your choice. Remote moderators can facilitate the discussion from the comfort of their homes and client observers can tune into the same live interview with a full 360° viewing experience.

Multiple Camera Angles

CCam focus allows you to capture your product in action. We will work with you to set up and capture multiple views of your respondents in location for your live interview or product testing session. Apart from CCam’s HD omnidirectional camera, we can place additional cameras in the location as necessary so you can record and stream different perspectives simultaneously.

Video Curation Tools

CCam® focus is an end-to-end solution from in-facility to your client presentation. Team members and end-clients are all able to access their project schedule, watch a live stream, review recordings and curate videos all within the CCam platform. CCam® focus saves time and money by providing all project management and integrated video insights tools within one unified hub.

Portable Plug & Play

With CCam focus, you are no longer limited to an installed solution that becomes dated. Our plug and play solution requires only internet bandwidth and power. The uncomplicated configuration enables you to set up, record, and stream within minutes. The camera and speaker fit into a compact 15” x 5” bag making it easy to carry to your sessions. Set it up on your own at a conference room, hotel, private home, or wherever your research takes you.

Enhanced Security

CCam focus is securely encrypted using 256-bit advanced encryption standard. Individual logins are created for every person accessing CCam focus. All live session links require a separate passcode if accessed outside our site. CCam focus is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Tech Checks and Monitoring

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the highest level of customer service and 24/7 tech support. We handle technology checks to make sure everything is working. We provide full-service event monitoring of your focus groups or interviews to ensure all is well. Each recording is always recorded twice so that any unforeseeable technical errors don’t jeopardize your data.

Competitively Priced

There is no subscription fee to have CCam focus equipment at your facility or your organization. Make use of CCam on an as-needed basis. Whether you have a need for CCam focus on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we can create a collaborative and competitive pricing arrangement that is advantageous for everyone involved.

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