Case Study

Bringing Personas To Life Using Podcasts

Mar 25, 2019
Customer case study about podcasts

The Challenge

How did Nimble MR, who delivers market insights through podcasts, gather and organize updated insights from five existing personas for a client who relies heavily on customer profiles?

The Solution

In order to gather updated insights from their existing personas, Nimble utilized Civicom Chatterbox® to facilitate an online discussion which lasted for 5 days. During the discussion, they collected written responses, photos, videos, and audio responses from the participants as well as interviewed them via video or phone to get a deeper insight and to record their voices. After gathering the necessary data, they organized it through Civicom Glide Central® for a more effective analysis. The platform made it easier to organize more than 50 audio and video files into each persona’s respective folder. It also enabled them to quickly create clips they would need for their podcasts. As a result, the compiled and assembled audio and video files enabled NimbleMR to deliver a password-protected interactive website for the clients to work with. Each persona’s page featured a 10-minute podcast about the persona, a media gallery showing real photos and videos collected during the research, along with key findings and quotes for each persona. The client team was excited to have this new deliverable instead of another PowerPoint deck to file away. In addition, being able to hear the voices of the interviewees really brought the personas to life.

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