Case Study

Broadway Bound: Spotlight on the Right Respondents

Jan 24, 2019
Study on recruiting the right market research respondents from Broadway

The Challenge

How did a group of theater producers validate their show concept in order to justify its viability to investors and successfully raise a round of funding?

The Solution

For respondents, Civicom CiviSelect™ recruited theater goers who lived in the USA in different geographical locations. These were people who had travelled to New York City and had seen two or more shows on at least one trip in the last two years. The client hired a market research firm to assist them in testing their proposed new show. The client's goal was to determine how the potential theater goers perceived the new show's concept and the emotions they felt as a result of being exposed to it.

In order to gather their basic impressions on the proposed plot , planned characters, the scenery, and the like, they were asked to take part in an online discussion through Civicom Chatterbox® where they answered different types of activities and questions. A key question was the evaluation of two proposed endings, and which one would resonate the best, and why.

Based on these responses, the researcher selected participants to participate in a web-enabled focus group discussion to further delve into their viewpoints and get a more detailed insight on the reasoning behind these perceptions.

The result of these efforts let the producers to make modifications in their proposal, while also being able to justify that they had performed a consumer analysis that would predict a successful consumer response to their idea.

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