Case Study

Don’t Let Social Distancing Stop Your Research

Sep 02, 2020

The Challenge

A pet food manufacturer wanted to conduct in-person product testing. The goal was to gather a group of pet owners to evaluate the product based on appearance, smell and texture. They reached out to a focus group research facility that follows strict guidelines on social distancing and facility sanitation. Due to the limited number of people now allowed in the facility at a given time, they also requested a streaming solution that would enable the clients to watch the sessions remotely. 

The Solution

As a result of already having a partnership with CCam™ focus, the research facility reached out immediately. CCam focus was able to deliver uncompromised high definition video quality and crystal clear audio despite the respondents wearing masks and seated behind plexiglass. Remote observers got an immersive experience through the active speaker view. As speakers talk, CCam focus automatically stitches together the live view of each speaker as the conversation flows, making it appear as if people are seated together despite being 6-feet apart.

What We Arranged

CCam focus conducted video and audio testing with our research facility partner prior to the fielding date. Being experts in coordinating remotely and having a research facility partner that’s equally enthusiastic, we were able to position the CCam focus camera at the correct angle for observing individual respondent behavior while bearing social distancing in mind.

There was no need to adjust the video and audio preferences as the CCam focus HD 360° camera’s built-in features automatically captured each person’s actions, making CCam focus perfect for focus groups.

The Outcome

The exemplary audio and visual content combined with a straightforward streaming solution provided by CCam Focus proved that it’s the better solution for re-entering research facilities.

Facility Partnership
A CCam focus kit was readily available in the research facility, so we wasted no time in testing the best possible seating layout for the client. The facility’s in-depth knowledge of CCam focus’ technology enabled them to help the client decide on which record and streaming option solution would be the most effective. By offering the CCam focus best-in-class technology, the facility set themselves apart and kept the clients engaged with coming back to their facility.

High-definition Output
Not being able to attend the research in person poses a problem for some researchers. With CCam focus’ HD 360° streaming solution with active viewer, the researchers did not miss a single detail during the focus groups. They were able to benefit significantly from the CCam focus capacity to be a fully integrated solution for recording, streaming, analyzing, and organizing vast quantities of multimedia data.

A Seat at the Table
CCam focus uses an advanced video streaming solution utilizing a 360° video camera with omnidirectional microphones that capture every detail of the research sessions. The remote observers were able to get an up-close and personal view while the respondents spoke as they evaluated the products that were laid out to them. Being unable to attend the research in person due to the strict social distancing guidelines, remote viewers were still able to get the best seat in the house![/bsf-info-box]

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