Case Study

Electronic Device Software Testing Provides Surprise and Delight

Sep 02, 2020

The Challenge

A client in the tech industry wanted to observe market research participants interacting with an AI virtual assistant while utilizing the company’s product app from their smartphones. The goal was to discover sources of delight as well as  points of frustration from a consumer perspective. The participants used the app to complete a set of activities that would manipulate the hardware settings; for example, “call my Mom,” “play the top 40 hits for 1985,” “give me the local weather,” or “tell me today’s top news.” Live video streaming enabled the client’s team to observe all the interviews in real time even while working remotely.

The Solution

The researcher arranged for CCam™ focus to be set up in the facility of choice. Remote viewers were able to have crisp, zoomed-in visuals of the participants in order to watch their facial expressions and their ability to manipulate the hardware device from their phones.  Interviews were recorded for later analysis.

What We Arranged

After understanding the research purpose, the facility manager grasped that the project would benefit from a record and streaming solution that would focus closely on each individual rather than a system that would show one fixed, distant perspective. She suggested using CCam focus’ 360° HD solution because of its ability to show multiple camera views simultaneously.  

CCam focus’ ability to stream multiple cameras into one view gave the clients the ability to closely look at the interaction between the moderator and the participants, in addition to a zoomed-in view of the participants’ activities. 

The CCam solution worked to everyone’s advantage. The remote viewers were delighted that they did not miss a single activity.The facility optimized the set-up of CCam focus equipment and was able to provide high-quality live video streaming and recording. The researcher appreciated the ease of the process and was able to concentrate exclusively on moderating the interviews.

The Outcome

The client was pleased with how CCam focus helped deliver a higher caliber of qualitative research. The 360° HD camera provided a crisp and sharp enabled close views of participants as they worked to use the app. The clarity of participants’ nonverbal language, facial expressions, posture, and body movements, was vital to the success of the research project. 

Recordings of all the sessions were securely stored and organized by date, time, and location so the client could access them for further analysis. The client had transcripts of the recordings created to facilitate the discovery of common words and phrases that could then be used in brand messaging.

With greater clarity regarding participants’ points of satisfaction as well as frustration, the client was ultimately able to translate user preferences into important modifications to their app.

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