Case Study

Maneuvering Medical Device Testing to Success

Sep 21, 2020
healthcare professional holding endoscopy medical device

The Challenge

A medical device manufacturer wanted to test the viability of a newly developed product prototype. The study needed to explore how specialists would maneuver the medical device under different scenarios, including one where they would need to wear scrubs and gloves during the interview to simulate an actual procedure setting. An interviewer would need to oversee the procedure in-person and therefore the study required that the one-on-one interviews be done in a research facility. The client requested that the sessions be recorded and streamed to enable additional members of the research team as well as end clients to observe remotely.

Given the sensitive characteristics of the medical device, combined with the precision needed in its use, it was important for the researchers and remote viewers to be able to see the respondents’ hands closely as they each held and maneuvered the prototype.

The Solution

The solution was CCam™ focus, Civicom’s solution for live, in-person interviews.
The interviewer and respondents would be wearing masks during the interviews while seated behind plexiglass, which required technology that guarantees audio and video clarity for the remote viewers. In addition, the technology had to be able to project the respondents’ close-up use of the device. This necessitated a solution that would be able to focus directly on the individual rather than the traditional too-distant camera view that only shows a fixed perspective from afar.

What We Arranged

After discussing the needs of the client, we coordinated with their facility of choice to equip the interview rooms with the CCam technology, which would simultaneously optimize the client’s insight discovery within the facility as well as remotely.
Our technical team worked closely with the interviewer to plan the camera angle and placement to best be able to capture the visual footage the remote viewers would need for optimal observation, data gathering and analysis. We also tested audio to ensure quality even when the interviewer and respondents would be wearing masks and sitting behind plexiglass. We conducted video and audio tech checks in advance with each person.

CCam focus provided remote observers with an immersive viewing experience thanks to an unobtrusive HD 360° omnidirectional camera and microphone with built-in features that produce zoomed-in visuals and require little to no adjustments during the sessions.

The camera simultaneously captured the interaction of the interviewer and the respondent, while automatically adjusting its focus between the two as each spoke, showing the respondent maneuvering the device prototype as the interviewer asked questions for various scenarios.

The Outcome

The client was delighted with the robust capability of the CCam solution. The versatility of the 360° camera and microphone provided crisp video and uncompromised audio while focusing on the very important details as the respondents worked with the device. CCam also enabled their research team to proactively communicate with the interviewer while also observing remotely. The client team was able to modify their questions and activities by entering messages for the interviewer through the CCam live chat collaborative feature.

All the sessions were recorded and securely stored in CCam’s integrated project platform that also includes built in video curation tools. The client was also able to seamlessly request and incorporate human transcripts to obtain additional verification for careful analysis.

CCam’s state-of-the-art streaming and recording technology enabled the research team to hone in on the details: they were able to pinpoint challenges that specialists came across as they used the new prototype. The technology allowed them to probe the respondents deeply for takeaways to share with the product development team, who in turn, would use these insights to fine tune the next reiteration of the prototype.

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