Jul 17, 2023
Louise Principe

Civicom® Marketing Research Services Launches Redesigned Website

civicom marketing research services redesigns website

Civicom® Marketing Research Services, a leading research technology solutions provider and a global leader in providing end-to-end facilitation support for online and in-person in-depth interviews and focus groups, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website. This revamped online platform reflects the company’s commitment to providing qualitative researchers with advanced technology solutions and expert project support.

As visitors land on the website's main page, they are greeted with Civicom's powerful motto: "Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority." With over 20 years of experience, Civicom Marketing Research Services has been a disruptive innovator in the industry by delivering customizable, end-to-end research solutions. From respondent recruitment to project facilitation and data analysis, Civicom makes it possible for researchers to streamline their processes in their search for actionable consumer insights. 

The redesigned website serves as a captivating showcase for Civicom's innovative suite of web-enabled tools for market research. Among the standout offerings featured are CyberFacility® for online IDIs and focus groups, CCam® focus for in-person research, ChatterBox™ for online communities, CiviSelect™ for respondent recruitment, ThoughtLight® for mobile ethnography, TranscriptionWing™ for human transcription services, and Glide Central® for managing project deliverables. Civicom has also now launched Quillit™, an AI-driven report generating tool developed just for qualitative marketing researchers that creates reports from transcripts, audio, or video.

"With the launch of our redesigned website, we are excited to strengthen our global reach and enhance our availability to researchers worldwide. We believe that by providing researchers with full-service research technology solutions, we empower them to unlock transformative insights that drive strategic decision-making."

The website has been optimized to provide a seamless user experience, with full responsiveness on smartphones, making it easily accessible on web browsers and mobile devices. This ensures researchers can access the platform conveniently, regardless of their location or preferred device.

Committed to safeguarding personal information, Civicom takes pride in being HIPAA compliant and establishing a solid support process tailored to the needs of medical professionals.

With Civicom, you get the best of both worlds: technology and people. To explore the newly redesigned website and learn more about Civicom® Marketing Research Services, please visit

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