Jun 05, 2017
CiviCom MRS

Civicom Sponsors and Speaks at IIeX North America 2017

Civicom Marketing Research Services will be a featured gold sponsor and speaker at this year’s GreenBook Insight Innovation Exchange (IIeX) North America conference. The 3-day event will be held at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta.

The IIeX global conference series is well known for its robust program and extensive line-up of world-class speakers engaged in consumer insights and research innovation. This year’s event boasts multiple new speakers with unique “outside” insight to the market research convention scene as well as new product launch briefings, a highlight of new products that will be unveiled first at IIeX.

Civicom’s Global Vice President of Marketing Research Services Rebecca West will be speaking on the Top Ten Trends in Marketing Research for 2017 where she will be discussing market research methodologies now emerging on the horizon and their challenges faced by market researchers as they evolve, delving into Civicom’s first-hand experience as a global facilitator of all kinds of market research clients’ projects as examples of how these trends are being used now as well as talked about.

Global leader Civicom will explain the top ten emerging market research technology trends at IIeX, and how they will impact the market researcher.

In support of the collaborative and innovative spirit furthered by IIeX conferences, Civicom will be joining peers in the consumer insight industry in contributing to the latest and emerging solutions. Civicom will be featuring its ThoughtLight™ app, a qualitative mobile ethnography tool for collecting valuable in-the-moment insights from respondents. Data can easily be accessed as they are provided and ready for use by the researcher as soon as the task s completed. Word clouds and coded key word excerpts enable researchers to drill down into the thinking of the study participants. ThoughtLight offers geolocation for pinpointing the location where the data is collected, as well as offline accessibility, which is ideal for use everywhere even when there is no data connection.

Attendees may catch Civicom’s presentation on the Top Ten Trends in Marketing Research for 2017 during IIeX NA’s Track 2 on June 12 at 4:40 PM. The schedule of activities may be accessed via the following link:

About Civicom Marketing Research

Civicom Marketing Research Services is a global innovator in qualitative research tools using the latest technology solutions for marketing research. The company works hand in hand with market research firms, facilitating projects that enable clients to achieve extensive, global reach.

Civicom’s proprietary global audio and recording platforms, plus web-enabled tools, operate in virtually every country in the world. Civicom operates 24/7 every day of the year with a dedicated and trained service team of ‘CiviTechs,’ assuring clients that no matter where their project is located, Civicom will be able to facilitate it. Civicom operates in over 96 countries and offers extensive translation services for marketing researchers. All services are available in Spanish, as well as English, and multiple other languages.

Civicom is the global leader in facilitating telephone and web-enabled IDIs and Focus Groups using Civicom CyberFacility®. Civicom also offers Civicom Chatterbox®, an online research platform that operates globally and is available for individual or multi-country studies, plus Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research, a qualitative tool for audio diaries and patient journeys.

Additional services include Civicom FrontRow™ Mobile Ethnography, transcription services through TranscriptionWing™, and respondent recruiting through CiviSelect™. The company’s latest tool is See Me Navigate™ for assessing mobile usability, enabling researchers to view a respondent’s mobile device remotely through online technology to conduct mobile app and mobile web usability research while the respondent engages with their mobile device.

Civicom is known among its clients for dedication to service quality and for the company’s motto “Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.”

Civicom Marketing Research chooses to be as dynamic as it is innovative; always listening to and acting on clients’ ideas and requests as they see fit. This kind of relationship has paved the way for the development and rollout of new services.

Source: PRWeb

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