How Can Civicom's Mobile Insights App
Help You Further Your Market Research?


Through ThoughtLight’s audio capture, you can gather respondent feedback that contains a great deal of sentiment, and thus identify genuine insights from unreliable ones through the respondent’s tone of voice and the way they phrase their inputs.


Gather rich and in-the-moment data by letting your respondents demonstrate their activity using video capture. Obtain specific details through their environment, gaze, expression, body posture, and gestures, without the need to be physically present.


ThoughtLight’s photo capture enables your respondents to express insights that cannot be explained solely through text responses. Using images, let them show you the details, memories, emotions, and meanings behind their statements.


Obtain more respondent feedback and collect open-ended text information by providing an option that allows participants to give additional commentary and descriptions to their uploaded photos and videos through text responses.

Get Authentic, In-the-Moment Insights
Through This Mobile Market Research Method

Research shopper's insights by capturing their sentiments

Capture True Sentiments

Capture, gather, and analyze emotion and attitude, naturally occurring events, and additional commentary through text responses, audio, photo, and video capture. You can also decide what information you want to collect from your respondents and in what format.

Add respondents to the Thoughtlight app

Add Respondents

Import or create user profiles with ease. Respondents will receive an email invite containing research details, and app download instructions, along with their credentials. Upon log in, respondents will see all available activities that needs to be completed.

Research through your market's insights have no more boundaries

No Boundaries

Conduct your study in remote locations and complete activities without data connectivity. Respondents can remain engaged even in locations where there is low signal strength since answers can be uploaded once an internet connection is established.

Observing and capturing a man's location using GEO location

GEO Location

ThoughtLight lets you observe and capture the respondents’ GEO location allowing you to verify if the provided insights were done in real time to ensure the credibility, quality, and authenticity of the collected data. This feature is permission-based.

Limit the captured data using GEO-fencing using smartphones


Narrow down the range of your study and make sure that an activity can only be done in a specific location through the use of geofencing which generates a virtual barrier preventing the respondent from completing the activity in another place.

Trigger activities for shoppers on mobile indoors using geo triggering

GEO Triggering

Gather authentic insights by triggering certain activities to start or end based on your respondents’ location with the use of GPS positioning. In order to finish the activity, your respondent must go to the specific location for the activity.

Thoughtlight's capabilities goes beyond mobile ethnography

Going Beyond

Move from self-ethnography to in-depth interactions and engagements by pairing ThoughtLight with Chatterbox®, our Online Research Community platform, CyberFacility®, our IDIs and Focus Group solution, or Glide Central™ video editing.

Support team managing respondents and data

It’s Easy

Our dedicated support team can manage your respondents and provide assistance in managing incoming data. Civicom can also help you with user registrations, activity execution, data delivery, as well as recruit respondents for you if necessary.

Woman sitting while on a smartphone

Audio Diaries and Patient Journeys

Gather the true thoughts and feelings of your respondents in real time as they narrate their experiences in their own voice through the audio recordings they create. Capture a history of their responses over time based on what they recorded at certain trigger points.