Jun 14, 2016
CiviCom MRS

Civicom Webinar Tackles New EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and PII Privacy Protection Strategies

Leading global marketing research solutions provider Civicom is offering a webinar entitled “Update on the New EU-US Privacy Shield and Overcoming Emerging Roadblocks to Managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for Marketing Research Respondents.”  The webinar will be held several times between June 21-June 24.

Europe’s highest court, Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), invalidated the Safe Harbor framework between the EU and the U.S. Accordingly, the US and the EU have reached an agreement for replacement of Safe Harbor. The resulting new legislative framework to replace it, the EU-US Privacy Shield, represents a definitive ruling with rippling repercussions for businesses operating globally. The new EU-US Privacy Shield will implement more stringent measures against mishandling of transatlantic data flows.

As a solutions provider that caters to clients globally, Civicom Marketing Research Services is well aware how crucial the impact of the new EU-US Privacy Shield is to international market research firms. While researchers seek diverse insights from all over the world, effective handling and total PII data protection across borders remain a challenge. Civicom’s webinar will be tackling the requirements of the new EU-US Privacy Shield, its relevance to the market research industry, and what is necessary in data practices and strategies to effectively navigate and win the intricacies of compliance.

The EU-US Privacy Shield binds the global marketing research industry to strong obligations to EU data protection and accommodating respondent rights.

Supporting clients in managing privacy protection in light of the data protection ruling has been a focal point of Civicom Marketing Research Services during this legislative development. Civicom’s webinar “Update on the New EU-US Privacy Shield and Overcoming Emerging Roadblocks to Managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for Marketing Research Respondents” will be presented by Rebecca West, Global Vice President of Civicom Marketing Research Services, on the following dates and times:

June 21 (Tuesday)

11am PT / 2pm ET

June 22 (Wednesday)

7am PT / 10am ET

June 23 (Thursday)

6pm PT / 9 pm ET

June 24 (Friday) 

9 am Singapore Time

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Source: PRWeb

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