Case Study

Finding Respondents To ‘Second That Emotion’ For Their Shoes

Apr 09, 2019

The Challenge

A marketing researcher was looking to field a study involving multiple research activities to better understand shopping behaviors of millennials and the locations they prefer to purchase from. The researcher needed the best and most convenient approach to field this research within a three-week time frame as well as to find the right respondents.

The Solution

Civicom’s respondent recruiting unit, CiviSelect™, was instrumental in finding the right recruits for the locations required by the researcher (Chicago, Indianapolis, and Raleigh) for the in-home and shop-alongs segments. We screened over one hundred participants to identify thirty participants to select ten per city. Respondents were then divided into segments based on responses to a screener which identified their profession, age, and shoe spending habits.

With the use of Civicom’s FrontRow™, in-depth interviews were successfully conducted with the participants from within their home environment. Respondents took us on a tour of their shoe closets, and described favorite pairs, how long they had them, and the emotional ties to each. We then set respondents up with an account on our Civicom ThoughtLight® Mobile App. The respondents travelled to three stores and reported on shoes of interest and purchase, using both text and video, following along with questions posed from within the ThoughtLight App.

Since there was no need for them to be physically present with the respondents in this study, the researchers were able to finish the study quickly and meet client expectations.

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