How To Present Your Market Research Results and Report it Efficiently

Louise Principe
Feb 12, 2022

When the fieldwork for your market research project is finished and the data has been compiled into a report, the last step is to present your findings. This may seem like a relatively straightforward process, but it can have the power to derail your project when done wrong. When this happens, your clients leave the room with more questions than answers. 

Luckily, there are ways to avoid these pitfalls to empower your clients with actionable knowledge based on evidence. It’s a matter of strategy and preparation combined with a concise but educational market research report layout. 

Tips on how to present your market research results

When presenting your market research report to your audience, whether stakeholders or executives, there are some things that you should consider to maximize your time in the spotlight. Remember that your report should convey a complete, accurate, and unbiased review of the totality of your study. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips on presenting your market research reports efficiently. 

Know your audience in advance

The first step in preparing for your presentation is to know who will be in the room. Different business units search for different things in your presentation. Therefore, the speaker should tailor their presentation to their audience and their purpose in accessing the market research data. This means that the findings displayed should be relevant and answer any specific information requirements of the attendees.

This doesn’t mean that you should omit information from your presentation, but rather that it is important to prioritize certain findings so that they are showcased early and could be explored in-depth. 

Organize your findings

Create structure in your presentation and manage your research findings by using media curation tools. You could create clips of key points in your meetings so you can draw out any important information that can be included in your report and add tags for any keywords that you encounter. Additionally, storyboards can also be developed. It consists of videos of your meetings that are stitched together for your data to showcase a ‘story’ or narrative.

Media curation optimizes your videos and audio so you can get the most out of your data. 

Visualize data

When you make your data available to your clients, the presentation itself should utilize attractive and effective visual elements so the audience can review and understand the data at first glance. Some common visual elements used by slide creators are infographics, data tables and charts.

Avoid putting walls of text in your presentation since it can be frustrating to read. Instead, move any technical information to appendices so that you can keep your data organized and easily referable should any questions or clarifications arise. 

Keep it simple

Simplicity is vital when presenting your report. Your clients should be able to understand the gist of your report in just a few slides. This includes streamlining your slideshow to contain important and relevant bullet points and visuals. 

Like a market research report layout, your presentation should also follow a format to serve as a guide to ensure that all key points are shown to your audience. A simple format contains an introduction, demographic group performance, item scores, recommended actions, and financial impact. 

Ensure that recommendations are actionable

The speaker should be able to outline recommendations that are not only evidence-based but also practical and actionable. Understanding what your findings indicate and how they can be translated into actionable insights is essential in making informed business decisions. In turn, these strategic, data-driven recommendations can result in positive outcomes for the organization.

It is also important to note that if your proposed recommendations require the expenditure of additional resources, such as staff or finances, your presentation should provide explicit details on how those resources will be utilized.

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