Case Study

Insights From EU Tech Talks Lead to New Marketing Plan

Feb 12, 2019

The Challenge

How did a U.S. Technology firm find out how European technology managers use their product, and what the best approaches would be to marketing campaigns going forward?

The Solution

Civicom CiviSelect® was asked to recruit the targeted technology professionals according to very specific criteria identified by our client, involving as many as thirty respondents per country. There were quotas for each country and pre-designated job descriptions required to fulfill the study profile. Drawing on our vast global network, we were able to fully recruit for every quota in every country where the research was to take place. We then set up webcam individual depth interviews with each qualified candidate.

Given the time zone differences, our client prioritized their own flexibly to conduct the interviews in whatever timeframe the respondents were able to take the interview. As a 24/7 facilitator of marketing research services, it was very easy for Civicom to make these interviews happen on behalf of our client, no matter the time of day or time zone. The result was a smooth flowing process of web-enabled IDIs, recorded, then transcribed and delivered to our client, who complimented us on our seamless approach to managing projects globally, a skill set Civicom is known for.

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