Case Study

International Candy Launch

Jan 24, 2019

The Challenge

Which country would be best suited for where a U.S. candy company might first launch a popular American product? 

The Solution

An American candy company wanted to expand outside of the U.S. by gaining insights from respondents in their target countries to determine the factors that will influence the adoption of their product. One of the client’s goals was to figure out which country offered the smoothest adaptation and would be the best option for their international launch. In order to accomplish this, web-enabled interviews were conducted with respondents from four EU countries.

The interviews were done in their local language to ensure that the respondents feel more comfortable in giving their feedback and provide accurate and detailed insights. Civicom then utilized our TranscriptionWing™ unit to translate the interviews and then to transcribe them into the English language to enable the researchers to more easily determine the key insights they needed. As a result, the company was able to decide which country they would prioritize for their launch from the knowledge they gained.

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