Understanding Large Language Models and How to Use Them For Market Research

Vince Toledo
Mar 07, 2024

Many technological advances have allowed businesses to streamline their processes and daily operations. One prominent example is AI, which is now being used to its full potential by many businesses. One term we often hear mentioned during talks about AI is “large language models.” What are large language models in AI, and how are they used in today’s market research landscape?

At a glance, large language models (LLM) are advanced artificial intelligence systems that use deep learning on extremely large datasets to understand and generate new text. Some examples of this include ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard. Nowadays, these are some of the most sought-after tools used to simplify the workload of many industries. 
While you may fear that these AI tools will replace your job, many large scale companies have incorporated LLMs to help increase productivity and improve business functions. AI can indeed be scary, but it can be put to good use in the hands of people who understand its limits and capabilities.

How Can Large Language Models Be Used In Market Research?

Due to its advanced natural language processing capabilities, large language models can easily contribute to market research. Many of its uses, such as text generation, language translation, summarization, sentiment analysis, and content creation are already changing how research technology companies operate in a positive way.

LLMs have been proven to boost productivity as they can be used for brainstorming sessions, clearing micro-tasks, and summarization. Although the human touch is still of great importance nowadays, the way LLMs can generate ideas and provide a starting point for any project is considered invaluable. 

As mentioned above, LLMs can elevate how a company does its market research through various uses. Here are just some examples:

Analyzing and Extracting Data 

LLMs can analyze extensive textual data from sources such as customer reviews, social media, forums, or articles. With the help of an AI report writing tool, you won’t have to go through the long process of examining data. A clear and concise report can be generated from the data you give it. From this, valuable insights can be extracted to help companies see what their products lack and how to improve them.

Text Cleanup

Filtering text and removing errors is an easy task for LLMs. Before LLMs, we had to check for any spelling or grammatical errors manually. But now, with a few clicks, your text is optimized and ready to publish. This is one of the best things LLMs can be used for, as it saves time and energy, increasing your team’s productivity as you can brainstorm ideas without worrying about cleaning up any potential mistakes in your text.

Survey Analysis

Utilizing large language models can aid in examining survey responses, extracting meaningful insights, and recognizing patterns in your customer feedback. This enhances the efficiency of the analysis process, resulting in more thorough and precise outcomes.

Smart Interviews

Conversational AI can be set and pre-trained to hold conversations and automate the process of qualitative discussions. Having this capability in market research through an AI research assistant tool simplifies customer interviews and getting feedback, leading to knowledge regarding market demands and anything you want to ask your consumers being easily attainable.

Trend Identification

By analyzing extensive datasets, language models can pinpoint emerging trends in the market. This data enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve and make well-informed decisions regarding product development, marketing strategies, and other facets of their operations. This capability can give companies knowledge of when trends end so that they can shift to a new strategy whenever the trend loses its hype.

Customer Feedback Analysis

LLMs can conduct a thorough analysis of customer feedback and reviews on a much larger scale, offering businesses more profound insight into customer opinions, preferences, and pain points. This information is essential for enhancing products and services, ensuring that what you have is something customers want, which will mean profit.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competitors is vital in market research. Using AI, competitor activities can be monitored and analyzed by feeding your LLM information from news articles, press releases, and other textual sources. This enables businesses to keep an eye on updates regarding their competitors.

Predictive Analytics

When integrated with other analytical tools, language models empower businesses to forecast market trends, customer behavior, and competitive dynamics. For example, LLMs can predict the performance of an ad based on its dialogue, demographics, and content. This approach enhances proactive decision-making and strategic planning

Content Creation

The process of creating content is now easier due to generative AI writing tools. Ideas can sometimes be challenging to come by, but thanks to this technology, generating new concepts can be more straightforward. AI can suggest ideas that content writers can build upon, fostering a healthy dynamic between AI and the human touch for more productive content writing.

Understanding the Limitations of LLMs

While there are a ton of benefits in using LLMs for market research, one has to understand that certain limitations may prove to be a detriment to your business. One example is hallucinations, which can damage your credibility through false or inaccurate information, which can be avoided through fact-checking and ensuring the correct prompts. 

This is why the human touch is still important. AI makes work easier by handling tedious tasks, but it is up to us to use it responsibly.

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