Leveraging Focus Group Streaming Technology with CCam® focus

Louise Principe
Jun 21, 2022

Focus groups have become the standard practice for collecting qualitative data, with face-to-face discussion conveying emotions and reactions that cannot be easily expressed in written text.

With greater reliance on digital methods, the demand for robust streaming and recording solutions for conducting in-person focus groups is now higher than ever. Insight professionals are looking for focus group streaming technologies that combine in-person sessions with immersive remote viewing – while also saving a high-quality session recording for later analysis.

CCam® focus elevates focus group facilitation by providing 360° HD recording, portability, integrated curation tools, hybrid capabilities, and unparalleled support to companies of any size – all in an easy-to-manage platform.

The Idea that Inspired Innovation

Founded by Civicom, CCam focus started with the realization that there is a gap in the market for a portable solution for focus group facilities. This need was fulfilled with a state-of-the-art, 360° omnidirectional camera that could easily be set up anywhere and everywhere – enabling moderators to conveniently conduct focus groups in a home or hotel setting as they do in a market research facility.

From then on, Civicom’s focus group streaming platform was developed with various features for recording, analyzing, and organizing vast amounts of multimedia content to optimize the overall research process.

Hybrid Sessions

CCam’s focus group streaming technology has the flexibility to accommodate online and in-facility respondents through its hybrid capability. Using a live and on-demand stream, remote users can easily view, participate, and share feedback during in-person sessions without worrying about logistical details.

Curation and Collaboration

Discovering insights is made more accessible by curation tools for creating clips, tagging keywords, and generating storyboards. CCam provides researchers with a straightforward way to evaluate findings and collaborate with their team by talking through chat or posting comments.

Multiple Views

CCam’s omnidirectional camera ensures that no detail is missed during the focus group discussion. Unlike regular facility group video recording that’s shot at a single angle, this cutting-edge 360° camera provides moderators and remote viewers a full panoramic view of the room while also displaying a close-up perspective of whoever is actively speaking at that moment.

Project Hub

Store and manage sessions in one secure location with CCam’s dedicated project hub. This feature allows researchers to differentiate between projects while keeping their team updated on deadlines, tasks, and statuses – providing a seamless research experience.

Tech Support 

Researchers get a devoted support team to accommodate them and their respondents around the clock. From guided equipment set up to live technical assistance, CCam’s top-rated service team is dedicated to providing the best software deployment and viewing experience possible — no matter the scale or use case.

Experience Unparalleled Service and Optimized Technology With CCam® focus  

CCam focus is the premiere recording and streaming solution that delivers uncompromised video and audio quality for in-person focus groups. Have a unified curation, storage, and sharing solution to keep your focus on the research instead of the logistics. Explore how CCam can enhance your in-facility project.

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