Maximizing Your Qualitative Content for Market Research

Dani Garan
Jul 30, 2019


Conducting qualitative market research entails working on a massive amount of collected data from a series of in-depth face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions, notes from observations, and existing secondary data. All of this information has to be properly stored, organized and closely analyzed to draw conclusions and derive insights for a particular market based on the research topic.

By the end of the data-gathering stage, the researchers will have tons of data that they need to sift through so they can squeeze out only the most significant parts. In order to do that, it is vital to utilize the right tools to make your work more efficient and less time-consuming. Keep in mind that disorganized data can be overwhelming and will only accumulate to be a bigger mess as you go along the research project.

How to Maximize Your Qualitative Content?

To guarantee that your work as a qualitative researcher is as seamless as possible, here are a few things to consider:

1. Information identification

It is crucial to lay down all the data you have collected so you can appropriately sift through the materials or information that would provide relevant insights for your study. Create a system for labeling and storing files in order for you to have an easier means of data organization. Researchers can label files using a unique name or identifier for each file.

2. Secured storage

Make sure that your management platform is secured so as not to put your research at risk of data loss, data theft, or data tampering. There are platforms that allow project sharing but limits the users’ level of permission ranging from someone who has complete access, someone who’s also allowed to edit, someone who is only allowed to view the project, and someone who does not have access at all. Through this setting, the head researcher is able to control who gets to add and remove information from the project.

  1. 3. Organization

Combine all related files into major categories. You can create sub-categories depending on the scope and volume of your research data. A tagging feature can be used for both projects and media files to sort and organize content under different categories which allow for faster searching. It will also be helpful to rely on a storage platform that also allows basic editing where you can mark key points and clip out unnecessary parts of the recordings.

  1. 4. Collaboration

Researchers do not need to be situated physically in one location to collaborate, make changes or leave notes on the research documents. There are platforms that allow users to edit files real-time and track the user log-in history so they would know who worked on which file last making way for more productive team communication.

  1. 5. Transcriptions/Translations

Transcribed audio and video recordings from interviews and group discussions enable you to read, better organize, and archive the necessary information in order to facilitate analysis later on. But transcribing a lot of recordings is an arduous process in itself. In that case, researchers can seek help from transcription services. This will not only allow researchers to focus on more important sections of the project but will also move the project forward faster. Some providers also offer translations alongside transcription services. There are instances wherein researchers would come across respondents of different nationalities so it would also be beneficial to consider providers that offer both services.

If you find any of these helpful and essential, you would also find Glide Central a good addition to your marketing research tools. Glide Central is a qualitative multimedia and curation software that offers several features to better aid researchers in the completion of their projects.

Use Civicom Glide Central® to Maximize and Organize your Qualitative Content

With Glide Central as your audio and video curation tool, you can store and organize data, create clips, craft storyboards from your research projects, collaborate with your team, and generate transcripts. Showcase your multimedia content for more compelling market research reports. Learn more about Glide Central’s various curation and collaboration features to make the most out of your qualitative content.

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