Case Study

Medical Equipment Manufacturer Explores International Markets

Jan 24, 2019
Medical equipment manafacturer explore international markets

The Challenge

How did a medical equipment manufacturer, specializing in laser technology, host interviews in Brazil, Israel, and China with respondents who spoke Portuguese, Hebrew, or Chinese?

The Solution

The client wanted to know how international participants would view their medical equipment to determine if they could successfully launch it globally. In order to accomplish this, the client decided to interview respondents from the countries Brazil, Israel, and China.To accurately gather respondent insights, Civicom hired local language simultaneous translators who were fluent in Portuguese, Hebrew, and Chinese.

The participants were divided into three groups. We set up a dedicated web room for each local language through Civicom CyberFacility® with two-channel audio to facilitate real-time translation while also feeding the English language version into the client’s audio lines. Civicom then transcribed the recordings into English using our TranscriptionWing™ unit.

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