Case Study

Message in A Bottle: Pharmaceutical Message Testing

Jan 24, 2019

The Challenge

How did a research team conduct a complex pharmaceutical message testing exercise of fifty messages across five categories, allowing respondents to identify and rank messages that would result in the right messaging for their upcoming ad campaign? 

The Solution

With the established expertise of the Civicom Marketing Research Services Facilitators, the project was set up as a web-enabled IDI study. All messages were loaded individually by category, which enabled the moderator to easily navigate through each message set. As preferred messages were identified, the Civicom Facilitator created a custom layout of these messages, which the moderator could then guide the respondent to for further message ranking.

Messages were further narrowed down until there was a primary and secondary message for each category. This was accomplished on the computer screen through the Civicom Facilitator sorting and ranking the messages for the moderator behind the scenes, and then displaying the final messages chosen by the respondents. As a result, our client was able to give the Pharma company useful insight into what would resonate with the target consumers during an ad campaign.

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