Case Study

Millennials and Travel

Mar 28, 2019

The Challenge

Do younger millennials use travel agents?

The Solution

Using Civicom CyberFacility®, we hosted five focus groups with six participants each. We recruited thirty millennials between ages 22-30 who traveled at least four times a year. We utilized webcams in the discussions order for the participants to better connect with other respondents in the web-room. The participants were asked a range of questions that covered topics of travel habits as well as the frequency of travel, which fluidly led to the conversation about the value of travel agents.

This provided very raw and specific insight on a generational segment that it was discovered sees less value in travel agents than older adults. Thoughts emerged on practices that travel agents could engage in to attract younger millennials as well as to set the stage for their potential future use when they might be more interested in professional travel assistance. The result was material our client could use to explain to the project sponsor what advertising messages to use to reach younger millennials as well as which media platforms to use to reach them.

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