Case Study

Mobile Research Time to Tone

Jan 24, 2019
Mobile research based on the best times to workout

The Challenge

How did a group of researchers learn about the interplay among advertising exposure, store merchandising, and consumer perceptions that influence toning shoe product preferences?

The Solution

In order to overcome this challenge, Civicom combined three of its popular services, ThoughtLight®, CyberFacility®, and Chatterbox®. Through ThoughtLight®’s in-the-moment insight collection capabilities, they first gathered audio recordings, texts, photos, and videos that showed the participants’ point of view regarding toning shoe products as well as how much they were influenced by advertisements. These media files were then posted on the Civicom Chatterbox® online community platform for review and analysis by the study participants themselves, giving them a chance to more deeply reflect on what they communicated in the ThoughtLight exercise. Afterwards, a promising group of respondents was selected for webcam focus groups in order to get more detailed insight. As a result, the researcher’s client, an athletic shoe manufacturer, was able to determine its strategy for reaching a new demographic market segment that had not yet been targeted.

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