Why Choose Civicom's Online Community Platform
For Managing Your Bulletin Board Projects?


Our powerful yet user-friendly capabilities which include features like gamification, analytics, and reporting tools, can make a huge impact on the success of your research. Not only is it mobile-ready and accessible to a global demographic, you can also decide whether to interact with your whole audience, small groups, specific segments, or unique individuals.


ChatterBox offers flexibility as it gives you the opportunity to choose time frames that work well with your research objectives. As an asynchronous online platform, it is ideal for creating short-term studies that can gather respondent feedback quickly as well as for extended online communities that can last for several months to an entire year.


We can program your discussion guide, set up your respondents, send reminder notifications, and help you get the most out of our activity options and analytics tools. We set the standard in technical know-how, creative thinking, and responsive client service due to our experience in facilitating multiple of market research online community research projects.


Our online bulletin board solution is available in almost 20 languages, allowing respondents to comfortably post and interact with an interface they are familiar with, especially in consumer studies with highly localized jargon. We also provide a state-of-the-art proprietary transcription system with flexible delivery dates plus translations in multiple languages.

Gain More Flexibility For Your Market Research Online Communities

Market researcher working on the online bulletin board

Engaging Activity Options

Choose from a range of activity options like questions, exercises, and problems, to gain honest and actionable insights. Engage respondents better through ChatterBox’s different task types from open-ended text responses, stimuli mark-ups, sort and rank tools, polls, grids, and more.

Researcher segmenting respondents in the market research online communities

Respondent Segmentation

Sort and cluster groups into separate discussions either by age segments, gender segments, or by geography, so participants can easily and effectively complete activities, making it easier to track the unique nature of their responses based on respondent profile or topic criteria.

Marketer engaging with participants in the marketing research platform

Asynchronous and Real-Time In One Platform

Engage with participants using flexible live chat options and simultaneously run asynchronous online research studies. This allows you to probe in real-time for a deeper understanding of bulletin board responses and gain new perspectives from spontaneous participant interaction.

Moderator taking advantage of masking using the market research online community software

Take Advantage of Masking

Be in control by customizing the visibility of an activity and the sharing of responses between respondents to limit and avoid bias. You may also add an option that requires respondents to answer each question chronologically before they’re given access to the next one.

Manager tracking and managing progress of the project

Track and Manage Progress

Track participation, completion rates, and leaderboards, as well as optional inclusions such as comments, excerpts, and ratings, through activity transcripts. ChatterBox also allows you to view participant progress and contact people who are falling behind on their activities.

Gamification, a popular feature of Chatterbox which helps increase participation


Increase participation through gamification by rewarding respondents with points that can be collected throughout the study and be the basis for their incentive. Encourage respondents to complete more activities by defining one or more levels for them to achieve.

Market researcher exporting data from recent projects on the laptop

Export Your Data

Easily export research data into PDF or spreadsheet format. Video and audio files can also be exported for internal documentation and archive. If you are having trouble exporting your data, the Civicom ChatterBox Team can assist you with Excel and Word transcripts.

Civicom's CSR team makes sure that your projects will go on without a hitch

Service and Support

We load your discussion guide, set up your respondents, show you how to track activity, and act as a consultant that guides and shows how to structure everything. We can also train moderators on how to use the platform and all available tools.

Chatterbox is compatible on all devices

Works On All Devices

Civicom’s ChatterBox is accessible in multiple devices — mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. It’s interface can adjust and reformat itself based on the device’s screen size and orientation. To be precise, to access ChatterBox, all you need is a browser and a stable internet connection.

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