Case Study

Snackers — Richer In-the-Moment Insights

Jan 24, 2019
F&B insights on demand for a mobile research case study

The Challenge

How did a researcher help a healthy snack food company measure the level of influencers in the purchase cycle of their product, such as packaging, perception, taste, frequency of consumption, and desire to repeat the purchase?

The Solution

Through Civicom ThoughtLight® ’s in-the-moment activity options, respondents were able to create audio recordings containing the respondents’ impression on snacks, take photos and videos during their supermarket visits, and capture their experience during in-home snacking activities with their family and friends. The ThoughtLight app also enabled the respondents to record their thoughts and insights in real time. The responses were then posted on the Civicom Chatterbox® online bulletin board under each respondent’s profile for further research analysis. Here, participants were able to engage in a more in-depth commentary and share their feedback in a more detailed manner. By combining the two services, the researcher was able to determine which factors most influenced the consumer purchase.

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