Case Study

Teachers’ Perceptions of Tablets as a Learning Device

Apr 09, 2019

The Challenge

How did we help a board of education determine if a school district's teachers could master the art of using tablets as a teaching tool in their curricula? Would non-tech-savvy teachers be able to familiarize themselves with these devices and use them as a new teaching method?

The Solution

The school district provided a list of teachers who they deemed eligible for the evaluation. Civicom contacted all of the teachers on the list, and using guidelines provided by the school district, identified twenty who met the target criteria for participation.

The next step was involving the district’s educational consultant in the process of observing the teachers individually navigate the learning modules on the tablet and gathering their feedback. To accomplish this we used Civicom See Me Navigate™ which enabled the educational consultant to direct the teachers individually through the material. SeeMe Navigate enables viewers to watch an individual actually ‘navigate’ through a mobile device, while observing their activity through a computer, while also seeing and listening to the individual during the navigation.

The consultant observed how the participants each navigated through the tablet activities. The school district was then able to watch video clips of various key points in the navigation process. See Me Navigate was a perfect choice to observe how effective individuals were at grasping how to use the new learning modules on the tablet and thus determine to what degree they would be able to use these advanced tools effectively with their students.

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