Case Study

Dialing for Diamonds

Apr 10, 2019

The Challenge

How did we help our client evaluate the effectiveness of a newly mobilized website plus iOS and Android versions of their new mobile app by watching potential customers use them in real time?

The Solution

A retailer of diamond engagement rings launched their new website which was now optimized for mobile viewing. At the same time, they launched their new mobile app in both iOS and Android versions. They needed to determine how these new online options performed with potential customers (CX) and if there were issues with customers navigating them successfully. Our client assembled a group of potential diamond engagement ring buyers, namely men who were about to become engaged and were in the market for a ring. These individuals also had to be open to researching and potentially buying the engagement ring online. Equal numbers of iOS and Android users were selected from several specific geographic locations in the U.S.

In order to assess the viability of the online tools with the potential buyers, it was necessary to observe them navigate the website and the app online. We used Civicom See Me Navigate™ as the ideal solution to perform this assessment. See Me Navigate enables the researcher to look directly through their computer and see the respondent’s mobile device in full screen, while also seeing the respondent through webcam, and while having a conversation simultaneously. The researcher is able to go through the navigation experience with respondent, as they engage with the website and then with the app. The entire session is facilitated by Civicom Marketing Research Services and both audio and video recorded.

Using Civicom See Me Navigate enabled the researcher to conduct 90 interviews from their home location, reaching every geographic market in the study. Following the completion of all of the individual interviews, our client used our Civicom Glide® video curation tools to create video clips and create a storyboard of positive experiences as well as pain points in using both the website and the two versions of the app. The result was that the retailer was able to work further with their website and app designer to improve the user (UX) experience.

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