Civicom's Market Research Tech Support Team Is Here To Help
Through Our Telephone and Web-Enabled Services

Technical support team for Civicom Market Research Services

Technical Support

Technical assistance is always available with a single phone call to a person who knows about your project and will immediately help you. Your Civicom technician is always with you during your IDIs or focus groups to manage the online visuals, so you can concentrate exclusively on your content and on leading the session. Online community and mobile app support is equally available.

Respondent on laptop ready for an IDI

Respondent Readiness

For all of our web-enabled research solutions, we confirm respondents are prepared to participate, whether it is an ID or focus group study where we assure webcams are successfully installed and focused on the respondent, or a mobile research study where participants must navigate our mobile app. We’ll report any respondent issues to you in advance so adjustments can be made.

Multi-Language tech support team

Multi-Language Tech Support

Your interview can be in a local language while you listen along in real time in English or another language. We provide screener and discussions guide translation and transcriptions in multiple languages. With our global network of simultaneous translators and transcriptionists in virtually every language, you can conduct research anywhere globally and be able to count on our support.

24 hour technical support

24 Hour Coverage

Our services operate 24/7, so no matter your time zone or location, we can take care of your project. We also cover weekends, so you can interview difficult to schedule respondents during times when they are available.

Team of Moderators from Civicom

Moderator Network

We maintain a network of contacts with many moderators in almost every language worldwide. We can provide an experienced moderator who is knowledgeable in your research topic or desired approach.

Moderator training included for all IDIs and focus groups

Moderator Training

We give you extensive personalized support throughout your study. We show you ideas for making maximum use of our tools and services that you are using. We set up your web room and load your stimuli, set up your online communities, register your respondents, and program your discussion guides. We do a run through of your project in advance with you so you feel ready to conduct your research.