What Features Should You Look For When Using A Video Management Platform?

Danielle Marbellagas
Mar 11, 2019


Qualitative research entails dealing with huge amounts of unstructured data, commonly in the form of media content such as audio and video recordings. Going over the data manually can be taxing and will often take countless hours that could affect the time you could have instead devoted to data analysis. Not only is this cumbersome, it can also leave you stressed and exhausted which may result in a lack of focus that may cause you to potentially miss key details that could greatly contribute to your findings.

To remedy this, you can rely on audio and video management platforms for effective content curation. But there are a lot of platforms out there and it may be difficult to determine which platform has all the necessary features that fits your research methods and work process. As such here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a video management platform.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Video Management Platform

Storage Space


Qualitative research means handling an overwhelming amount of video
and audio content from IDIs and focus groups. Storing these audio and video recordings can take up quite a lot of space so it’s important to consider the storage capacity of the media platform you choose. It might be useful to opt for flexible storage capacity since it may be difficult to foresee how much storage you’d need in the future.
One of the most important things to consider when choosing a video management platform is its data and content security. Look for a platform that offers protection from hacking, data loss, and data theft, through IP restrictions, domain restrictions, administrative restrictions, and password protection. The platform should also allow you to control who can access your data.This is vital since being unable to do so might put your company at a disadvantage.

Effective Organization

Service and Support

Looking for a specific media file can be extremely difficult when dealing with a huge amount of data. In order to ease the process, sorting your content based on file type, topic, source, etc., is advisable as this will make searching easier and faster. Anything can happen at any given time so it's important to know that someone can give you guidance when you need it. Look for a platform that provides 24/7 custom support to help you in any way possible.

Ease of Use

What use is a good platform if the user is unable to quickly and properly utilize it? Choose a platform that is intuitive and easy to use even without professional help.

Based on these factors, Glide Central® is the perfect choice as it is an online platform for organized project content curation and management with an intuitive interface and an effective feature set. Through Glide Central, you will be able to easily go through loads of media content and uncover key insights, resulting in a more effective analysis. Moreover, it lets you create storyboards, generate reports, and easily collaborate with your colleagues. Here are a few of Glide Central’s key features:

Glide Central Key Features

  • Project Hub

  • The Project Hub will allow you to manage multiple projects at once as well as let you customize your content according to your preference — you can organize your recordings into designated project folders, view them in the “Live Projects” page and get a snapshot of the progress of your analysis.
  • Clipping Tool

  • Sometimes, you have to record or extract a specific clip from a video recording. In order to do this, researchers would rely on other applications. Fortunately, Glide Central has a clipping tool that lets you create clips based on your timestamp placements or through machine-generated transcripts.


The Storyboard feature allows you to create a story from various clippings and insights in your preferred sequence which you can play directly on the platform or export as an MP4 file. You can also include audio, videos, and even images for transitions. If you're not satisfied with your first sequence, you can easily re-organize the content as well as remove clips that don't fit.

  • Transcriptions

  • The platform includes machine-generated transcripts of any audio
    and video recordings. As mentioned above, this transcript aids in
    making clips since it’s time-coded to the recording. You may also
    request human-generated transcripts for more accurate
    transcriptions or opt for transcription clean up of the
    machine-generated file.
  • Tagging Capability

  • This feature enables you to quickly and easily tag project folders,
    recordings, and clips. This makes it easier to find the key insights in your research for future evaluation.
  • Collaboration-Friendly Design

  • The number of users is not limited and you can provide unlimited levels of access to your colleagues. Additionally, you can choose to give view-only or full collaborator access.
  • Security

  • The stored data are encrypted and the platform uses advanced authentication methods to ensure the security of your media
  • Service and Support

  • Glide Central's tech support team is available at all times to support their clients at all times.They can also process, upload, and convert your media files into a downloadable format.

Additional capabilities of the Glide Central solution include file conversion and upload, where a team can handle the processing and uploading of all project media so you can focus on your research analysis. The platform also does not have a limit to the amount of storage you can use.

Glide Central's robust platform and capabilities can really power-up your content management and curation process. Equipped with the right tools for efficient documentation and analysis, you are no longer belabored with inefficient reorganizing and can instead focus on what really matters - identifying key insights and delivering more impactful reports for your clients.

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