5 Benefits of Mobile Market Research

Dani Garan
Mar 20, 2020

With the widespread adoption of mobile phones worldwide, market researchers saw the efficiency and portability of using mobile and took advantage of it. According to a study conducted by Asurion, an average American consumer checks their smartphones 96 times a day. Knowing that, utilizing mobile phones has been among the most dynamic changes in market research today. Many businesses have either experimented or are very eager to conduct their pilot mobile market studies. Respondents can now efficiently capture their insights, thoughts, buying habits, and experiences in the right time and place, be it from the comfort of their own homes or on-the-go. There are mobile market research services offering a wide variety of features where you can create commentaries through text responses, audio, photo, and video capture. Aside from this, accurate in-the-moment data gathering is also made possible through features such as GEO location, GEO fencing, and GEO triggering.

In short, mobile market research offers many possibilities to help enrich and enhance your projects.

female respondent answering a mobile survey

What are the Benefits You Can Gain from Mobile Market Research:

Target reach

Using mobile is often the best option for hard-to-reach respondents such as businessmen who are always on-the-go. This also applies to possible respondents whose only access to the internet is through a mobile device. Furthermore, it allows companies to directly collect data from consumers through their smartphones without any middlemen.

Richer insights

With mobile research, your insights are not only limited to text-based questions. It also allows consumers to attach other media forms such as photos, or audio and video recordings to provide better texture, context and nuance to the data. This will also help consumers further validate their answers and in order for market researchers to have access to a more diverse set of data for analysis.

In-the-moment input

GPS capabilities of smart phones allow respondents to complete activities in-the-moment which means data from consumers can easily be collected according to their exact location or behavior. From this, you can better understand their opinion at the moment and in the location you need where decision-making is occuring.

Fast data collection

Mobile market research allows for a faster collection of data from consumers. Given that people check their phones more often than their laptops, it would be easier and faster to get responses over the phone. From weeks and months of waiting with traditional market research, you're down to just waiting within hours or in a few days time to gather data.

Respondent Experience

Most mobile-friendly surveys are short and concise given the limitations existing in a mobile market research platform or software, also making the respondents' experience more enjoyable. The higher the level of engagement by respondents, the more number of responses gathered and the higher the quality of data.

Again, smartphones help researchers and consultants expand and further enrich their studies by capturing insights at crucial and decisive moments in the decision-making process and is definitely worth exploring. Consider a number of available mobile market research applications, software, or platforms to help you with your study.

However, keep in mind that you are not compelled to use a single method when conducting market research; in this case, mobile research, only because it’s a recent trend. Just think of mobile market research as another viable method from the researcher’s toolbox instead of branding it a universal approach for all situations. Weigh which methods would work best depending on the nature of your research.


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