Oct 05, 2012
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Civicom Exhibits at the 2012 QRCA Conference in Montreal Canada

Civicom Exhibits at the 2012 QRCA Conference in Montreal Canada

Marketing Research Services Global Leader Civicom was an exhibitor at the 2012 QRCA Annual Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada October 3 – 5 and showed support to the marketing research industry in discussing and exploring new ways and tools to better understand the evolving mind of the consumer.

In this day and age where competition seems to be the main fuel that keeps players in an industry moving forward faster and better, it is comforting and inspiring to be around researchers who genuinely support one another. The Qualitative Research Consultants Association is one of the most ideal groups to be a part of if you are a qualitative researcher. The community is very open and freely shares their thoughts and advice within the group on the subject of advancement in the industry – whether it is to focus on new technology or new methods to better unlock insights.

The QRCA Annual Conference is an event that researchers, from independent consultants to small and large companies, look forward to. They continue to facilitate discussions among the members as they engage in topics about new methods and technology for qualitative research. It’s a well-attended event by members from all over North America – researchers, independent consultants and industry influencers.

Civicom is a regular exhibitor and sponsor of the QRCA Annual Conference. Last year’s conference was in Las Vegas and was attended by Rebecca West, Civicom’s VP for Marketing Research Services; Irene Olegario, Civicom’s Manager for Marketing Research Services; and Maria Huab, Marketing Research Services Delivery Manager. This year, Ryan Weber – Director of Technology and Joey Velhagen – General Manager, represented Civicom in Montreal.

Civicom continues to support the QRCA and the marketing research industry – with telephone and web-enabled IDIs and Focus Groups, mobile qualitative research and online bulletin boards. The company believes in creating practical innovative technology solutions to make it possible for marketing researchers to reach a broader respondent base, as well as to make it possible to reach every person with a phone or a computer, all over the world. Through Civicom’s dedication to their clients’ project successes, independent researchers feel fully supported as they entrust a project into the capable hands of a Civicom Account Manager.

Civicom maintains a strong industry presence in facilitating virtual in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups and online bulletin boards. Civicom InSitu® Mobile Qualitative research tools support Shopper Insights, Patient Journeys, and studies requiring Mobile Ethnography.

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