Nov 15, 2012
CiviCom MRS

Civicom’s ShopTalk™ Makes Its Debut at the Mystery Shopping Providers Association – Asia Pacific in Manila

Civicom’s ShopTalk™ Makes Its Debut at the Mystery Shopping Providers Association – Asia Pacific in Manila

Marketing Research Services & Mobile Mystery Shopping Solution Global Leader Civicom speaks and exhibits at the Mystery Shopping Providers Association – Asia Pacific (MSPA-AP) in Manila, Philippines November 19th – 21st in support of the mystery shopping community in exploring new technology and methodology to bridge gaps in Mystery Shopping.

Rebecca West, Civicom’s Global VP of Marketing Research Services and Mystery Shopping Solution, leads the presentation on “When Talk Isn’t Cheap – Richer Insights from Mystery Shopping through Live Mobile Moments”. The presentation features mobile qualitative applied to mystery shopping and how the mobile solution can provide clients with a deeper understanding of the thoughts, opinions, and sentiments mystery shoppers can provide while out on an assignment. Rebecca is Civicom’s marketing research services practice leader. She is a specialist in applying mobile qualitative research technology in research and business strategy for shopper insights and mystery shopping.

Many companies have turned to mystery shopping to ensure that standards are met and also to learn more about potential improvements.  Deploying mystery shoppers to assess your brand, store, service, or product presents the potential of gaining more insights beyond your typical evaluations.  This is where integrating mobile qualitative can greatly improve the data you gather from your mystery shoppers.

Civicom is a leader in global market research tools, providing audio services in almost every country on the globe, enabling mystery shopping studies to take place in multiple international locations simultaneously.  Civicom’s primary mobile mystery shopping solution is Civicom FrontRow™ which enables your mystery shoppers to use their own smart phone or feature phone to get the job completed successfully. It gives companies the ability to get actionable insights into real world consumer behavior through mystery shoppers using mobile devices.

ShopTalk™ is a mobile qualitative tool that lets mystery shoppers use their cell phone to report in-the-moment experiences and answer the evaluation for their assignment. Going mobile paves the way for a less noticeable, paperless and hassle-free mystery shopping activity letting them focus on the things they have to observe and rate.  They can freely comment and share their thoughts as they fulfill their mystery shopping tasks.

The Civicom team looks forward to their first MSPA conference. This is the 8th Annual Conference of MSPA-AP. The event is set in Makati City, the business district of Manila, Philippines, surrounded by many large shopping centers, big brands, popular hotels and businesses.  This is the first of two events Civicom is attending in the Asia Pacific region.  The second event is in January for Marketing Research in the Mobile World (MRMW-AP) in Malaysia.

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