Civicom's Mobile Ethnography Platform
What Can It Contribute to Your Market Research?


Front Row™ lets you engage remotely in ethnography without the in-home intrusion of a videography team that can skew respondent behavior and result in less authentic research results. Get an up-close look at your respondents’ spaces, activities, and key moments of decision without leaving your desk.


Your respondents move freely while they take your interview, as you observe their experiences first hand through their mobile device, while talking with you at the same time. You are able to discuss and probe -live and in real time, from your own computer.


Civicom Front Row™ offers you multiple options for conducting Digital Ethnography IDIs. Engage in a two-way observational conversation with respondents while you view their activity through your computer. Invite observes to watch and listen to what takes place while you conduct the interview.


Conduct a complete ethnographic experience viewed via wide angle webcam, tablet, or mobile device, set up at a stationary location in the respondent’s home, office, or other location. Watch the respondent and talk with them at the same time, from your own device.

Capture Consumer Insights for Your Market Research
Through Mobile Ethnography IDIs

Mobile phone using a tool for mobile ethnography

‘On the Go’ Takes You Anywhere

Respondents can take you wherever you want to go – they can show you their medicine cabinet, shower, pantry, refrigerator, under the sink, clothes closet, or child’s toy box, bedroom, bathroom, garage, and more.

Interviewer in an online in-depth interview

‘On the Go’ Shows You What Happens

Observe the respondent engage in activity, such as baking, doing laundry, cooking dinner, assembling furniture, using tools, installing hardware, cleaning a bathroom, or wherever your research needs to take you.

Consumer insight mystery shopping using mobile

Take The Online Interview On Location

With the growing accessibility to public and in-store wi-fi infrastructure, the stability of remotely conducting an in-depth interview, or shop-along, has never been better!

Carpenter building drawers in-home

In-Home Ethnography Experience Using Web Technology

You can observe virtually any in-home activity in a non-intrusive manner, such as in this case, the consumer experience of furniture assembly. We facilitate the technology for both you and the respondent, provide your audio and video recordings afterwards. Conduct as many ethnographic interviews as you need to draw insights from the experience.

Civicom's moderators are experts in mobile ethnography research

Civicom Technology Experts

You are supported by a dedicated technical support CiviTech team. We discuss your project with you before it begins, to assure what you desire to accomplish can be done. We understand and manage the issues resulting from bandwidth limitations, webcams, smart phones, software updates, computers and firewalls. All respondents are tech-checked in advance to assure successful participation. Issues are managed before the interview, not during the interview, when your clients may be present and observing.

Use Frontrow to become immersed in the respondent's experience

Front Row™ Gives You The Best Seat in the House

From the comfort of your home or office, you can talk with your respondents and see what they see as they take you out into their world via their mobile device. Become immersed in the respondent’s experience through the advantages of digital technology. Watch and listen as the action unfolds, from the best seat in the house — yours.