Coffee Packaging Research Study

Coffee Packaging
Research Study

QHow did a large manufacturing company that recently purchased a small coffee company and wanted to modernize its outdated coffee packaging come to better understand what aspects of coffee package design drove consumers’ coffee purchase choices at their local grocery stores?

AUsing the ThoughtLight™ app participants were asked to complete three activities within one week and were paid $50 for their time. Participants completed their first activity moment prior to going to the grocery store or before entering the coffee aisle. This was to identify their coffee shopping thoughts before the purchase. For the second activity moment participants were asked to look around at all of the coffee products, take a photo of their purchase, and make a short audio recording of their answers to how they made their purchase choice. For the third activity moment participants were asked to either record a short video talking about the perfect coffee packaging or instead to draw their idea of the perfect package, then take a photo of it, and record a short audio explaining it. This was a very fun activity for participants! Tell us how we can help you.


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