Case Study

Hungry for Sandwiches? – Quick Service Restaurant Preference and Loyalty Drivers

Mar 28, 2019

The Challenge

How were we able to help a researcher determine what factors drive consumer experience at a particular quick service restaurant chain and what will entice them to return regularly?

The Solution

By utilizing Civicom ThoughtLight® 's video capture, photo, voice note and text response options, respondents were able to communicate in-the-moment feedback regarding their preference and experience of a particular quick service restaurant chain. Respondents gave open and candid responses within the given restaurant location as well as on takeout from the comfort of their homes. Respondents submitted videos and photos adding context to their journey between the restaurant and their homes.

Using ThoughtLight® 2.0, respondents were able to show an intimate account of their food preferences, decision-making process, and compare their preferred QSR against the restaurant being tested. The researchers were able to gather valuable, in-the-moment, video and photo uploads showing how respondents decide where/what to eat, what their competitors QSRs are doing right, and what they were doing wrong - and was able to adjust their service protocols and menu offerings accordingly for future improvement.

ThoughtLight’s offline capability gave the moderator peace of mind that the respondents were able to get through the activities whether they had wifi or not. Using the ThoughtLight® application, researchers were able to obtain real-time videos, photos, text responses (with emojis) and voice notes. These insights were easily exported and used in the researcher's reports.

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