Case Study

Evaluating EU Citizen Tolerance for Use of PII

Feb 12, 2019

The Challenge

How did a U.S. tech giant take the temperature on tolerance for what EU citizens would consider acceptable parameters for data sharing as a result of the new GDPR requirements?

The Solution

Civicom Marketing Research Services was hired by a global marketing research firm to facilitate web-enabled focus groups among citizens of several EU countries. The respondents had first taken a survey and were selected from among the completes for further probing as a result of their answers to the survey questionnaire. These citizens primarily fell into two points of view – either adamantly supporting the GDPR and ready to challenge any company on perceived violations, or having a laissez-faire attitude toward sharing personal data.

One group of each type was held in each of six countries. Three countries were in the EU ‘Big Five’ and three were smaller. The result was a collection of insights that gave the researcher meaningful material to work with to put together a client report. As a result of the web-enabled approach facilitated by Civicom, and our 24/7 support for conducting web-enabled focus groups, eighteen total groups were completed in less than two weeks and the client report was able to be delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

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