Five Benefits of Mobile Market Research in the New Normal

Dani Garan
Nov 18, 2020

rsz_respondent-holding-a-smart-phone-and-penciWe are a few months into the COVID-19 outbreak and it doesn’t seem like it’s ending anytime soon. While its ongoing impact on a lot of industries can still be widely felt, we have learned to slowly adapt and navigate through it. Just like most industries, the market research industry also had to seek alternative methods for data gathering, analysis, and collaboration in a digital platform in place of in-person research. And moving a lot of research activities online may soon be a long-term solution rather than just a temporary one.

Given that the mitigation measures to contain the virus are spatial in nature, the tools and solutions must also center around the ability to maintain a safe distance from one another while conducting research. Now that researchers have to live through the new normal, there’s a continuously increasing need for global modification of fundamental online market research tools that can easily adapt to this kind of situation.

For one, researchers are largely considering various remote capabilities such as mobile market research now that in-person market research is no longer a safe and viable option. After all, there are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide according to Statistica, still giving researchers a good number of respondents.

Leveraging this type of research has long been a part of market research but more so in this day and age where the sudden shift to a virtual environment is detrimental to the safety of everyone involved.

Benefits of Conducting Mobile Research to Capture Consumer Insights

  • Mobile ethnography will allow researchers to remotely engage with participants and get an up-close look at key moments without the in-home intrusion of a videography team that can directly affect and possibly skew respondent behavior, further affecting the insights.
  • - Respondents can easily document their recent purchases allowing the collection of in-the-moment insights.
  • - Researchers have the opportunity to check feedback and capture a history of their responses based on certain location-based or activity-based trigger points.
  • - It eliminates the safety risks and the possibility of group bias that is commonly observed in in-person focus group discussions.
  • - Mobile research captures valuable insights, adds another layer of richness to the study and complements well with other market research solutions.

While it is evident that mobile research yields notably valuable insights, a lot of companies are still a bit hesitant to dive into this type of research because the lack of personal touch puts them off. The trick is to find a provider that is 100% committed to project success, is in strict compliance with privacy policies, and will provide consistent support along the way.

Five Benefits of Mobile Market Research in the New Normal


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