Case Study

Christy’s Search for the Perfect Baby Stroller

Jan 25, 2019
Shopping case study for the perfect baby strollers

The Challenge

How did we help the client identify the factors that influence how first-time moms decide which baby stroller to buy?

The Solution

We were able to give our respondents the ability to record their thoughts, take photos and videos of all their stroller-search activities, and explain the factors that went into their final purchase by utilizing Civicom ThoughtLight®. Before doing some in-store visits, the respondents were asked to report their magazine and online research on different brands as well as the discussions they had with friends and family. They were then tasked to record their thoughts and feedback during in-store visits by taking photos of different products and explaining their impressions of each of them. Afterwards, they gave a summary of the key factors that influenced their final stroller choice when they made the purchase. As a result, the client was able to identify the key factors to address when marketing their stroller product.

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