7 Must-Have Features for Market Research Management Software

Louise Principe
Dec 29, 2022
editing and organizing files in market research management software

Storytelling matters a lot in the market research industry. It entails weaving individual threads of information to find patterns that could lead to actionable insights. Making data-based decisions using these insights helps foster an emphatic connection between a business and its customers.

However, transforming your audio and video data into a compelling narrative can be challenging. Taking on the task of sorting, organizing, and interpreting hours of audio and video content could take days or even weeks out of your timeline without the proper data analysis tools.

Market research project management software brings your topic to life with just a few clicks. These tools can organize and connect multiple data points into a story that can influence your stakeholders more than a simple PowerPoint.

But what makes an ideal project management solution? In this article, we’ll discuss seven must-have curation and collaboration features that could quickly condense your qualitative audio and video content into an impactful report.

Key Project Management Software Features


1. Keyword Tagging

Adding keyword tags to your content helps you avoid the hassle of looking through your database to find a specific file. Keyword tags are words and phrases used to name your content’s main concepts. These tags can be used to label project folders, clips, recordings, and reels for effortless content navigation and retrieval.

2. Audio and Video Clipping

Audio and video clipping is a powerful feature for intuitive and effective data analysis. Clipping allows you to efficiently analyze long recordings by breaking them down into snippets of key moments. This helps you identify patterns and trends that may otherwise be difficult to detect.

Clipping content lets you focus on specific aspects of the data, such as speech, movement, or facial expressions – making it easier to distinguish the signal from the noise.

3. Time Marking  

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, you may be familiar with this feature. For market research project management software, markers are used to identify important points discussed in your recording. They act as a reference point that takes you directly to a certain moment in your audio or video.

When you click on a marker, the recording automatically skips to your set time. Furthermore, notes can be added to each marker for convenient content browsing.

researcher creating a storyboard from content 

4. Highlight Reels 

Highlight reels are an effective way to turn data into an engaging story that’s easily understood and remembered. By carefully selecting the most relevant clips and combining them in a meaningful way, highlight reels help you capture the attention of your clients and stakeholders.

This feature comes in handy when presenting complex data sets or trends, as a visual representation of your data is easier for viewers to comprehend. Furthermore, these dynamic storyboards can emphasize certain trends or key points that aren’t immediately apparent from the raw data – adding real weight to your project report.

5. Human or Automated Transcription

The ability to generate transcripts from your recordings is a great feature to have in any market research management software.  Human or machine-generated transcripts can provide you with these benefits:

  • Saves time so you can prioritize other tasks
  • Captures your conversations in detail
  • Helps you easily retrieve content for data referencing

While automated transcripts can be generated with a click of a button, they’re usually less accurate and contain more errors. You can correct these yourself or request a transcription clean-up service to do the job for you. On the other hand, a human transcription service can transcribe content as well as edit and proofread your transcripts for a more seamless experience.

6. Access Controls 

Having access controls in your management software prevents unauthorized users from infiltrating your project. This feature ensures that information is only accessed by those who need it for secure sharing and viewing of data.

The admin can grant project access to team members and viewing privileges to clients. Additionally, these controls let you assign data access levels based on user roles and rights. This ensures that information is not misused or tampered with. With access controls in place, you can be at peace knowing that your data is securely managed.

7. Secure Project Archive 

A secure project archive is an essential component that shouldn’t be overlooked in your search for the ideal market research management software. This feature lets you store and manage your IDI and focus group recordings in an encrypted database.  

A project hub provides a central source of information for you and your research team to use when working on various projects. It gives a comprehensive view of a project, its progress, and all associated data to keep everyone in the loop.

By having a centralized database, you can track the progress of the project across its different phases to improve your data analysis process.

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