Case Study

Mobile Qualitative — Jumbo Java Hears It Right In the Moment

Jan 24, 2019
People meeting and sitting around a wooden table

The Challenge

How did a researcher get more robust qualitative in-the-moment feedback from coffee shop visitors and identify a truly valuable group of insight generators who would be good candidates for a longer-term online community in the process?

The Solution

In order to gather in-the-moment insights, we used Civicom ThoughtLight® to record respondent feedback in real time to accurately determine their sentiments while they were inside the coffee shop. In addition, we were also able to gather text responses where respondents stated their opinion on certain factors such as the product’s taste, the shop’s appearance, ambiance, and the like. After the experience, the recordings were available in the ThoughtLight Admin Portal, making it easier for research team review. Transcriptions of the audio recordings also provided greater depth which enabled the researchers to identify the best candidates for their planned online community.

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