How Can Civicom's Mobile Usability Testing App
Improve Your Research?

What Is See Me Navigate?

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, it has never been more important to understand how your website performs on mobile devices or whether your mobile apps are working well enough to present your brand or concept effectively. See Me Navigate enables you to evaluate your mobile website or apps directly with the people who are using them, obtaining their feedback while seeing their usage experience.

What Products or Services Work With See Me Navigate?

If a product or service has a website that is accessed on a mobile device, or an app, then See Me Navigate is the right tool for evaluating whether the website or app is properly optimized for mobile use. This means virtually every brand, package, or retail site in every industry, well beyond consumer goods or medical products. If you want to move the consumer experience online, then See Me Navigate is right for you.

What Is The Advantage of See Me Navigate?

You are able to probe respondents in real time right from your computer. As you follow the respondent’s activity, you can ask questions, probe for details, provide directions and hear what they have to say. You can see a respondent’s facial expressions and mobile screen simultaneously as they navigate websites or apps.

Why Is Mobile Website and App Navigation Important?

Website usability on a computer has long been a staple of market research. With over 50% of searches now done on mobile devices, and with that statistic rising at breakneck speed, brands need to understand the UX – the user experience – so they can optimize their design and content and successfully reach their target market.

Get Better Mobile Usability Insights Through UX, UI, and CX Testing

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How Do I Watch A See Me Navigate Session?

Each session is conducted through web-enabled technology, combining your view of the respondent’s mobile screen with your ability to view them on a webcam at the same time, so you can ask them questions and interact in a web-enabled interview while they navigate your website or your app.

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Where Does See Me Navigate Take Place?

Because we use web-enabled technology, both you and your respondent can be located anywhere. Your See Me Navigate interviews are similar to webcam IDIs, with the addition of the technology that enables you to see the respondent’s mobile screen while conducting an interview.

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How Many See Me Navigate Interviews Can I Do?

As with any market research interview project, we will facilitate as many interviews as you need to in order to complete your project specifications, whether they be ten interviews or over one hundred, in any combination of countries or respondent profiles needed to complete your research study.

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What Kind of Support Do You Provide?

We take care of everything for you except for the research. We tech-check the respondents for mobile compatibility, get each interview set up, stay with the researcher and respondent throughout each interview to make sure it is completed successfully. You or your designated moderator conducts the research without worry about the technology side.

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What Deliverables Will You Provide To Me?

Streaming media files are recorded for every session and are delivered to you as Mp4 files in Glide Central, our online project management and curation platform, where you can generate transcripts, tag keywords, make video clips for your reports, and collaborate on content with your staff, and even add clients if you wish.

See Me Navigate is an online mobile ux testing tool that works globally

Does See Me Navigate Work Globally?

Having the ability to use online technology to study users’ behavior expands the opportunity to conduct mobile app and website usability research globally, and provides insight on whether mobile apps and websites are global friendly. At the same time, clients can observe sessions remotely, in real-time, wherever they are in the world.