Case Study

Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Getting into the Shower with Mobile Qualitative

Jan 24, 2019
Mobile research case study of getting into the shower

The Challenge

How did a body wash manufacturer capture people’s in-the-moment reactions to their product while they were using it in the shower?

The Solution

We used Civicom ThoughtLight® to test the audio quality of the participants’ mobile devices while they showered in real time. The devices were placed outside the running shower while the respondents spoke their thoughts and reactions while keeping in mind the information sheet guidelines that was given to them prior to the activity. We were also able to help our client gauge their sentiments through text analysis. Afterwards, the recordings were automatically loaded from their mobile devices into our database and sorted for the client by respondent, date, and time, then were accessible for client analysis through the ThoughtLight Admin Portal. Our client was able to avoid the discomfort that respondents would have felt if they talked directly to someone else while showering and instead obtained a more meaningful frankness from their in-the-moment experiences.

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