Pros of DIY Qualitative Research Platforms for Independent Researchers

Louise Principe
Feb 24, 2022

Researcher Using a Qualitative Research Platform

Most of the decisions that we make daily are based on intuition or common sense, but in a business environment, decisions can’t just be made on a whim. Market research is done to ensure that companies make informed, data-driven choices. Nevertheless, effective market research does not have to be a compound exercise performed by an outsourced team of multiple people intertwined in a web of various functions. Simple efforts from an independent researcher can be as efficient in providing the insights needed.

With various online qualitative platforms available today, individuals can perform their market research independently. Let’s explore the different advantages of choosing a DIY qualitative research platform.



If you’re an independent qualitative researcher looking to budget your resources, DIY platforms provide the perfect solution. When used to their full potential, they can be just as robust as a hired team of professionals. Not only can they deliver the same results, but they can also create more long-term value for the researcher. 

Choosing an affordable, stand-alone DIY research platform lets you get maximum benefits at a minimum cost. For one thing, conducting an in-house study is significantly less expensive than hiring a full-service marketing research firm, especially when it’s done online. These platforms also give you access to a toolset that allows you to execute a complete qualitative research project without having to spend a large sum of money. 

In having the right platform, your research quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed in the name of frugality.


Today’s independent research solutions are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, meaning they don’t require much skill, practice, or training to use. A simple onboarding process may be all that is needed to familiarize yourself with the platform before being left to handle your qualitative research on your own. 

An accessible qualitative research platform has a combination of tools such as web rooms, a mobile insights app, and project curation to facilitate seamless use. Having multiple tools under one platform simplifies the research process, ensuring that the researcher has everything to implement a successful DIY project from start to finish without having to employ another service. 


While a full-service research firm can take several months to deliver results, self-serve platforms offer a faster turnaround time. With you responsible for the research timeframe, you can generate data on your own terms instead of relying on someone else to complete your project. 

With proper infrastructure in place and a fully equipped DIY toolset, you can optimize your study and save a lot of time. If a business needs to make an important corporate decision on short notice, a self-serve research platform is a practical and viable option. These platforms enable you to gather actionable insights within a few hours or days so you can support decisions in real-time.

Institutional Knowledge

Having an in-house researcher with extensive knowledge of the company reduces briefing, analysis, and reporting time. This is because DIY researchers have a different knowledge base than an outsourced firm. 

They’ve seen and read previous research reports, equipping them with the background necessary to discover new findings.

Most marketing research firms have diverse industry experience instead of the extensive ‘inside’ industry knowledge an in-house researcher would have. Using your expertise and knowledge as an independent researcher for your company enables you to put your data into context and helps you prioritize your research objectives. Overall, this leads you to obtain more in-depth and valuable insights from your target customers.  


DIY research platforms allow you to utilize different capabilities however you want based on your individualized goals and objectives. At times you may require only a web room to collect consumer feedback. At other times you may want to tag video or transcripts for key points, make clips, or create storyboards for easier content navigation. Sometimes you may want to add a mobile activity to gather ethnographic data from your respondents. These platforms give you the freedom to pick and choose from the tools they offer to use as needed.

What’s the best DIY Qualitative Research Platform for Independent Researchers?

Civicom MyQual™ is a DIY research solution that combines three tools for a complete qualitative research experience: An online web room for conducting DIY interviews and focus groups, a multimedia curation tool for organizing data, and a mobile insights app that you can utilize for ‘homework’ assignments, screening respondents, or for an asynchronous study. This stand-alone DIY research platform provides users with the necessary toolset to execute a qualitative research from start to finish.

Conduct Your DIY Research Seamlessly with Civicom MyQual™

Gather quick, data-driven insights with capabilities such as webcam streaming, media management, and mobile homework using this robust do-it-yourself package. Learn more about MyQual™ and the tools it offers to ensure a positive research experience. 

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