Case Study

Full-Service Gas Station Research Study

Jan 24, 2019
Full-service gas station research case study

The Challenge

How did a nationwide full-service gas station company outside of the U.S. confirm that their employees were compliant with the service protocol, uniform code, cleanliness standards, and quality of service requirements?

The Solution

By using ThoughtLight®’s GPS GEO-location detection, we were able to confirm if each participant bought their gas at their assigned locations. We found out how each gas station was performing and if it was meeting prescribed standards on each quality metric. Through the ThoughtLight® app, they responded to questions regarding the gas station’s presentation and quality of service then snapped a picture of their receipt to confirm and validate their visit. The researcher was able to understand the company’s problem better – quality of service and uniform standards were not followed in smaller cities – and as a result, they were able to provide the client with direction for both short and long-term improvements.

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