Case Study

Where To Care For My Air - Where I Place Purifiers In My Home

Mar 28, 2019

The Challenge

How could we help a client better understand consumers use of air purifiers in their homes – the types they use and the locations they place them?

The Solution

The client had an interest in viewing where consumers placed air care devices in their homes while understanding their feelings regarding various types of such devices. They hired a researcher to assist them with this discovery.

We recommended the use of Civicom FrontRow™ which allowed the researcher-moderator to engage consumers in conversations while simultaneously remotely viewing the respondents’ various in -home air purifier locations in real time as the consumer walked through their home showing the purifier locations through their mobile devices. Front Row™ enabled this researcher to use online mobile qualitative research in a new and effective manner without leaving their desks.

Eight 90-minute interviews were conducted online using the Front Row technology. This unobtrusive methodology enabled consumers to proceed with their lives without the inconvenience of in-home ethnography. What’s more the research moved more quickly and a significantly lesser expense that would have occurred through bringing a camera crew into consumers’ homes.

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